GIRSAN Gun Industry was established in Giresun-TURKIYE in 1994.

  • The models of Yavuz 16 COMPACT and Yavuz 16 Regard guns have been introduced into the market in 1995.
  • GIRSAN Gun Industry upgraded to the automatic control system using the computer-aided CNC workbenches in 1999.
  • Yavuz 16 COMPACT M.C. and Yavuz 16 Regard M.C models in the year of 2004;
  • BORA, TUGRA and ZİRVE models in year of 2006 and
  • BORA LIGHT, MC 21 and MC 23 models in the year of 2007;
  • MC 13 and MC 14 in the year of 2008;
  • MC C 40, MC R 40, MC T 40, MC 21.40, MC 23.40 , MC 21.45 and MC 23.45 in the year of 2009;
  • MC 1911, MC 1911 S, MC 25, MC 27 and MC 27 E in the year of 2010; have been introduced to the market.

With its employees that reached to 200 in total and its investments on the machines which is about 1.5 million USD in the fırst half of the year 2005, the annual gun production capacity of the plant had been icreased 3 times more and reached to a level of 60.000 units per year.

Yavuz 16 guns are being manufactured in NATO Standards and have been passed the complicated tests with zero error that are made in the scope of the mentioned standards.

GIRSAN has ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System, Ministry of Defence (MOD) Security Clearance and MOD Manufacturing Certificates.

Also GIRSAN was awarded with AQAP 2120 ‘’INDUSTRIAL QUALITY ASSURANCE LEVEL CERTIFICATE’’ by Ministary of Defence (MOD) in April 2009.

In addition to these GIRSAN has got the ATF Form 4590 ( Factoring Criteria Report)(importable report) given by USA Alcohol Tobacco Firing Guns and Explosives Directorate for all models.